Friday, February 14, 2014

Spring Cleaning With a Pressure Washer

Warmer weather is creeping in, and soon you'll be faced with spring cleaning. Luckily, you have a pressure washer, right? If not, then you're missing out! Pressure washers make spring cleaning fun and effective.

So what kinds of pressure washing tasks should you be concerned about at the start of spring?

Surface Cleaning
Start by taking a look at what areas have gotten the dirtiest over the winter. walkway and driveway areas can stand to be cleaned of salt, gravel, and dirt accumulated from car tires and snow clearing. You could also use a surface cleaner to get an even, streak-free clean over larger surfaces.

Your house may begin to look a bit weathered and require some pressure washing too. Use a wider tip on siding than you would on your driveway. 

Pressure Washing Decking
Decking is likely dirty from coming in and out. Power wash your deck so you're the first to be prepared for spring and summer barbecues.

A big area you may not be thinking of is your garage. Back your cars out onto the street, clear storage away from the walls so the floor is empty, and take a look at what Old Man Winter has dragged in! Mud, oil, grease, dirt, gravel, salt, and who knows what else. The crud that falls from your tires and undercarriage each night when you get home has made your garage floor into a filthy sand box.

Switch to an angled tip and spray this gritty sludge outside. While you're out there, you might as well switch to a wider, softer spray nozzle and clean your cars. Now that your garage is clean, it doesn't make much sense to pull a dirty car back in, does it?

As you can see, there are plenty of spring cleaning jobs to do that can be made easier and much more fun with a pressure washer!