Thursday, September 19, 2013

Here Comes Fall

It's hard to believe it, but Summer is ending and Fall is just around the corner. That means it's time to pack up the pressure washer and bust out the leaf blower, right? Not so fast.

There is still plenty of time for some late season projects to help prepare your home for the cooler weather. Here are a few.

1. Clean your siding - this is the last chance to give your home a fresh look before the cooler weather hits.

2. Clean your garage - Fall is the perfect time to clean out all the dirt that has built up in your garage over the Spring and Summer.

3. Wash out your garbage cans - although this won't be the most fun project, it helps to give your garbage cans a thorough cleaning, especially when you won't be able to for a few months.

4. Wash your boat - boat owners know that maintenance is extremely important. Give your boat a good cleaning before putting it away for the season.

5. Store your portable generator - with the hurricane season coming to an end, drain the fuel and get your generator ready for winter storage. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's guidelines found in your generator owner's manual.

I hope everybody takes some time to complete some late season projects this Fall. You will be thankful in the Spring.

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