Thursday, October 31, 2013

How to Pressure Wash Gutters & Peaks

We all have high places that are hard to reach with our pressure washers, but if you're anything like me you don't want to pull out the ladder to reach them.

With the Ladder Saver, you can actually pressure wash hard to reach areas without using a ladder. I have personally tested this product, and here are my thoughts on it.

The Ladder Saver is a cheap but effective way to clean peaks on a house or any other hard to reach places. It will apply pressure washer detergents, but only if your pressure washer uses a down stream injector. This means your unit siphons detergent after the water has gone through the pump.

If your unit has a fixed detergent tank, it will not draw detergents. If you are having problems siphoning cleaning solution with your Ladder Saver, I recommend the down stream chemical injectors (adjustable or non-adjustable flow).
After receiving your chemical injector, it is essential to ensure that the arrows located between the two connectors are pointing with the flow of water (away from the pressure washer). This may require you to switch the two connecting ends. I have many people who are unable to draw chemicals because they installed the injector backwards.

In order to reach the full potential of 60 feet, I do feel you need around 4000 PSI. If you use 4000 PSI, you should be able to reach up to 60 feet. If you use 3000 PSI, you'll likely only reach up to 40 feet. I do not recommend using this product with anything less than 3000 PSI. If you have under 3000 PSI, I would suggest using a high pressure soap shooter.

I recommend this product to anyone that needs to clean up to 3 stories. While the telescoping wand is one of the best options for cleaning heights, the ladder saver is a way to do a fairly decent job for 1/4 of the price without killing your back in the process.

Telescoping wands are by far the best way to do some serious cleaning, but they do weigh around 13 pounds for the 24 foot wand, and without purchasing and using a wand belt, they are almost impossible to control. Also, many people don't have the ability to hold the 24 foot wand up; and even if they can, it will almost certainly cause their back to hurt. For that reason, this is by far the best alternative.

So to conclude, the Ladder Saver is a fantastic all-around alternative to a telescoping wand when it's assembled and used properly.

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