Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pressure Washing Your Roof

Does your roof look fuzzy? Perhaps you have moss or mold growing on your shingles, and you're worried that your roof needs to be replaced.

Don't spend the thousands of dollars it costs to replace your roof when you can use a gas pressure washer to blast the moss and lichen away to reveal that your roof is still perfectly fine.

Pressure washing your roof will effectively remove several years worth of grime, but be careful. When moss gets wet, it gets slick. Working on your roof can be very dangerous, and the last thing you want to do is fall off.

The first thing you want to do is make sure you're using the proper spray tip. Blasting full-power on your shingles can cause damage by blasting away the granules that protect it. 

I recommend that you begin with a medium pressure spray pattern and adjust accordingly. Aim the pressure washer toward the bottom of the roof to avoid spraying water under the shingles where it can leak into your home. 

Keep the tip of the wand at least one foot from the surface when you begin, and clean only a few shingles at a time. Should you need more power on a tough spot, slowly move the wand closer to the surface. Be sure as you're doing this to continuously be inspecting the roof to make sure you're not causing any damage.

Be sure you always stand on a dry area so you maintain traction. Minimize the amount of steps you take and don't drag your feet or you may scrape off more granules.

Remember these tips and always put safety first, and you'll have a freshly cleaned roof in no time!


  1. I've never thought about pressure washing my roof before! It's been a few years since our roof has been maintained. I think it would be wonderful to get our tile roofing cleaned.

  2. I have never Pressure Washed a roof before with a spray tip and a wand. I was always used the "soft wash" technique with a special roof cleaning detergent using a water broom after allowing the solution to soak in. However, I am sure you can do it with a wand and a spray tip.

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